Christ Fellowship Conference - Breakouts

A Strategy for Equipping Kid’s Ministry at a New Campus

Multi-site ministry is an effective way for churches to expand their influence and reach more communities! More and more churches are exploring multiple campuses. Because Christ Fellowship is one church that meets in multiple locations, we strive for consistency throughout our kid’s experiences. We’ll explore our kid’s ministry launch strategy and discuss ways we work toward alignment in ministry implementation at all of our campuses.

From Children’s and Student Ministry to Family Ministry

Breaking down the barriers that are often built between children’s and student ministry to reach the whole home.

Early Childhood Ministry | Faith Growth Begins at the Beginning

Most times, ministry to this age group is marginalized. But early childhood staff are valued construction workers who lay a solid spiritual foundation. Early childhood ministry is about building trust and laying a strong foundation of love and faith so parents and the church can build on it for future spiritual success. In this session, we’ll explore this important phase and share ways to embrace the needs of this awesome age group. We’ll also discuss ways we can partner with parents to help equip them in these younger years to be the spiritual leaders God calls them to be.

Elementary Ministry | Building Relational Equity with Busy Families

We have a unique opportunity to guide families toward the most important thing their children need – a lifelong relationship with Jesus. We believe that this happens best when the church and parent combine their effort to influence our kids for Christ. However, it’s common knowledge that most families attend church once every 4-6 weeks. Parents are confronted by choice confusion when it comes to choosing activities for their kids. Often, they choose sports or academics before church. In this session, we’ll explore some contributing factors to this cultural trend and explore ways to build relationships with families to keep them engaged during these vital spiritual development years.

Buddy Ministry | Helping Kids with Special Needs Feel Connected

This session is designed to help churches anticipate and meet the needs of children and families affected by special needs. Every child is a unique creation of God, with individual strengths and needs. The areas of need that affect a child’s social, emotional, and academic growth during the week don’t take Sundays off. As the Church, we need to lead the way in showing acceptance and hospitality to our friends with special needs. More importantly, we need to examine our attitudes and ministry culture so that we see all kids as God sees them: vital parts of the Body of Christ.

Volunteers | Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers

Our ministry to kids and families lives and dies on the commitment and effectiveness of our volunteer teams. Volunteer retaining is a key strategy to diminishing the need to recruit. In this conversational session, we’ll explore our CFKids on-boarding process and “practice” strategy.

General Admission

One Person: $140
Groups of 4 or more: $99 each