Christ Fellowship Conference - Breakouts

Multi-Site Environments

Whether it’s a gym, cafeteria, movie theater or classroom, we’re all striving to create inviting environments in our portable venues. Learn how we’ve overcome the obstacles of making portable church feel like your church.

Live Production for Multi-Site

We are One Church with Many Locations. Each of our venues is unique. In production, one of our jobs is to find the right gear to create an impactful experience in each location while still creating a sense of consistency across our production systems. Workflow consistency is a key part to setting our teams and our volunteers up for success. Come see what gear we use to tackle the job and how we scale our systems for each of our locations.

How to Plan, Create and Execute Large Scale Events

They say ‘the devil is in the details’, but we beg to differ. We’ll share all about the logistics of planning and executing large-scale events. We’ll talk about the best practices, choosing vendors and navigating budgets.

Wired for a Win

Tension between teams, Logistics, Brainstorming, Supporting Senior Pastors, Titles Series/Events/Campaigns, Message Illustrations.

No Character Limit

We already know the greatest story ever told; now we get to tell it. Learn about crafting redemptive stories to encourage and empower your congregation.

Making a Molehill out of a Mountain

Equipment. Call Sheets. Casting. Writing. Making a short film or extremely involved project happen can be quite a daunting task – until now. Learn how to craft a large-scale project from its first creative breath to the final render.

Worship Production

In this breakout, our worship team will discuss the tools we use such as Ableton, Multitracks, and others to create our weekend experience.

How to Sell Perfection

What’s the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing, and why does it matter? Many churches struggle with deciding which kind of marketing to use. The decisions that must be made are not easy: which method of marketing will give us the most return? How do I know if my marketing is working? The answers may surprise you.

Creative Ministries: Working for the Weekend

When everyone’s week ends, our work begins. Learn about the creative process of how we make a weekend service happen, from conceptualization to collaboration to execution.

The Worship Leaders of Tomorrow

We believe that our students aren’t the church of tomorrow, they’re the church of today. We’ll share how we continually develop and raise up the next generation of worship leaders at Christ Fellowship.

Cultivating a Church of Worshippers

As worship leaders we’re not responsible for just singing songs on the weekend, we’re called to lead people into the presence of God. We believe that what we do on Sunday can change people’s Monday-Saturday. We believe that a church full of worshipers can radically change our world.

Creating the Sound of Your Church

A lot of sound happens on accident. Make sure the sound of your church doesn’t. Learn about distinguishing and cultivating the sound of your House and how to maintain consistency in a multi-site context.

Training New Worship Leaders

Leaders aren’t found; they’re developed. Learn about our worship development process as we share some tips on how to discover, develop, and disciple your next vocalists and musicians.

Makes Sense on Paper

It’s the behind the scenes job that everyone sees. Learn all the ins and outs of running a communications department, from project managing to design to print.

Technically Speaking

What’s a C47? Diffusion vs. a Scrim? Learn about the technical aspects of what goes into a video and the systems we use when it comes to running a set.

Creative Leadership

Learn how to effectively lead creatives in a way that encourages systems and structure, while allowing room to create and dream.

In Your Atmosphere

A guest’s experience begins the moment they step through your doors. You’ll learn all about creating intentional and memorable environments for your church as a whole, as well as for large events.

The Dating Game

Have a question that didn’t get answered in a Creative Breakout? Come meet our Creative team and ask us anything! We will also be giving tours of our production, films, print shop, worship and creative spaces. Great place to meet our team and connect with someone that may do the same thing as you do.

Design Thinking for Ministry

Description coming soon 

General Admission

One Person: $140
Groups of 4 or more: $99 each