Christ Fellowship Conference - Breakouts

Run Like a Girl
Room: Main Auditorium
Wednesday, Feb 7 | 2pm

Being a woman with an undeniable call to ministry leadership comes with amazing blessings and unique challenges. Whether you are standing at the starting line of your ministry “race” or you are stepping up to new levels of leadership, this time will be a deposit of confidence into your leadership soul. Julie Mullins will host a panel of dynamic women leaders from across all areas of ministry as they share practical wisdom and encouragement so that you can run the unique race God is calling you up to.

Live Well So You Can Lead Well
Room: 212
Thursday, Feb 8 | 11:30am

There is much at stake in our lives as leader. If we “blow it,” the collateral damage can be staggering. That’s why it’s imperative that we manage our personal lives well. During this breakout, we won’t be talking about your preaching, your small groups, or your children’s ministry…but we will be talking about your single greatest ministry tool… YOU!

Leadership Framework
Room: 210
Wednesday, Feb 7 | 2pm

In this session Kent Ingle will provide a practical framework of tools to help you create a successful organization and to lead well. He will share insight for overcoming obstacles and bring out the best in yourself and your team for lasting results.

Keys for Effective Leadership Development
Room: 210
Wednesday, Feb 7 | 11:30am

Everything rises and falls on leadership. Eighty-five percent of all organizations agree that they urgently need to accelerate the development of their leaders, but less than half, have a formal process for developing leaders. In this workshop, we will discuss the critical components to building a robust pipeline of leadership. We will give you tools to leave with that will help you create a dynamic process which is tailored to your culture and values. Don’t just work hard…work smart by building a team of leaders around you and begin duplicating yourself.

Kaleo: Christ Fellowship’s Leadership Development Program
Room: 219
Wednesday, Feb 7 | 12:30pm

Our last five campus launch teams have all been graduates of our School of Biblical Leadership. Take an in-depth tour of how Christ Fellowship develops leaders through this intense and effective program. We will review all of the key components of our program, the lessons we have learned through the years and some lessons we are learning right now. You will leave with a comprehensive understanding of how our program works along with resources you can use to start building your own program tomorrow!

Building Healthy and High-Performing Teams
Room: 212
Wednesday, Feb 7 | 2pm

We all do ministry with a team. When there is good chemistry, and everyone is operating from their sweet spot, and the objectives are clear… it is incredibly fulfilling and fun. On the flip side, we are also painfully aware what happens when there is dysfunction in the team…stress, tension, politics, and posturing. In this breakout, we will be explore some best practices for building healthy and high-performing teams.


Breakout 01

Wednesday, Feb. 7
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Early Childhood Ministry: Faith Growth Begins at the Beginning Room: Nitro (inside CFKids)

Ministry to Special Needs: Helping Kids & Adults with Special Needs Feel Connected Room: Friends Factory (inside CFKids)

Creative Ministries: Working for the Weekend Room: South Campus Auditorium

The Journey Room: 214

The Sisterhood Code Room: Student Auditorium

Keys for Effective Leadership Development Room: 210

Building a Missions Strategy Room: 219

The Role of Campus Pastor Room: 212

Understanding Church Security in a Changing World Room: 220

Summer Camp Turned Missions Camp Room: 116 (inside Student Ministry)

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