Christ Fellowship Conference - Breakouts

Building a Missions Strategy

The degree of hyper-connectedness in our world has changed every job, every industry and every market – even affecting the Church and how it does ministry.  Our job as church leaders is to take a look at the world around us and create a framework that allows our ministry to operate in alignment with a current strategic narrative that will be fruitful and effective. Much of the missions practices we use in the church are still anchored in 20th Century Missiology and we are past due for a change. We need a more informed understanding about what Missiology in the 21st Century looks like. The world is changing, but the gospel is not. What does this mean for our missions strategy both local and global?

Social Justice and the Church

In this session, we’ll share how we’re responding to the social injustices in our world by working with partners locally and around the world. We’ll share how we were able to open Hope House, South Florida’s very first safe house for victims of human trafficking.

How To Engage Your Whole Church In Missions

From your neighborhood to the nations of the world. In this session, we’ll discuss practical ways to engage your whole church in international, national and local missions. We’ll share how we’ve found that multiple levels of opportunity have helped people take this first step into the missions field.

Summer Camp turned Missions Camp

It’s a new kind of summer camp. In this breakout, we’ll discuss how over the last 10 years we’ve built a summer missions camp experience for over a 1,000 students in the city of Belle Glade. We’ll share stories of success as well the challenges we’ve encountered.

Giving Beyond the Tithe

Capital campaigns? Special offerings? Designated funds for giving? How many choices are too many? Discuss options for inspiring additional giving opportunities throughout the year without wearing yourself and the church family out.

Cultivating Large Capacity Donors

God ordained a special relationship between senior pastors and donors. He gives the church’s vision to the senior pastor who then inspires the donors who set the pace of implementation. Hear strategies for building authentic, lasting relationships to release funds to transform neighborhoods and nations.

General Admission

One Person: $140
Groups of 4 or more: $99 each