Christ Fellowship Conference - Breakouts

A Strategy for Equipping Kid’s Ministry at a New Campus
Room: Nitro
Wednesday, Feb 7 | 12:30pm
Thursday, Feb 8 | 12:30pm

More and more churches are exploring the model of multiple campuses. Because Christ Fellowship is one church that meets in multiple locations, we strive for consistency throughout our kids’ experiences. We’ll explore our kid’s ministry launch strategy and discuss ways we work toward alignment in ministry implementation at all of our campuses.

The Role of a Campus Pastor
Room: 212
Wednesday, Feb 7 | 11:30am
Wednesday, Feb 7 | 12:30pm

Every multi-site approach is different, but regardless of the strategy, there are some common principles and practices that all campus pastors must understand to succeed. In this session, we will talk about the role of a campus pastor, define success both at campus and corporate levels, and provide practical application for both the senior pastor and the campus pastor.

Multi-Site Environments
Room: South Campus 237
Wednesday, Feb 7 | 2pm
Thursday, Feb 8 | 2pm

A guest experience begins the moment they step through your doors. You’ll learn all about creating intentional and memorable environments for your church as a whole as well as large events. Whether it’s a gym, cafeteria, movie theater or classroom, we’re all striving to create inviting environments in our portable venues.

Live Production
Room: South Campus Auditorium
Thursday, Feb 8 | 12:30pm

We are One Church with Many Locations. Each of our venues is unique. In production, one of our jobs is to find the right gear to create an impactful experience in each location while still creating a sense of consistency across our production systems. Workflow consistency is a key part to setting our teams and our volunteers up for success. Come see what gear we use to tackle the job and how we scale our systems for each of our locations.

Church Outside the Box
Room: 220
Wednesday, Feb 7 | 2pm
Thursday, Feb 8 | 2pm

In this breakout session, we hope to provide you with a few best practices and tips to make your online experience richer for your viewers and volunteers.

ABC’s of Multi-Site Student Ministries
Room: 116
Thursday, Feb 8 | 2pm

Whether your ministry is just launching into multi-site or you’ve been in the game for a long time. This breakout will give you the basic framework you will need to build for the future. Learn from the successes and shortcomings of several student pastors who have launched a student ministry at a new multi-site campus.

The Nuts & Bolts of Multi-Site
Room: 220
Thursday, Feb 8 | 11:30am
Thursday, Feb 8 | 12:30pm

In this session, we will discuss building the church before the building. This will include projecting sustainability, launching well and how we protect our culture across a wide variety of locations. Included in this time is a section on Real Estate Development.


Breakout 01

Wednesday, Feb. 7
Select your breakout from the list below

Early Childhood Ministry: Faith Growth Begins at the Beginning Room: Nitro (inside CFKids)

Ministry to Special Needs: Helping Kids & Adults with Special Needs Feel Connected Room: Friends Factory (inside CFKids)

Creative Ministries: Working for the Weekend Room: South Campus Auditorium

The Journey Room: 214

The Sisterhood Code Room: Student Auditorium

Keys for Effective Leadership Development Room: 210

Building a Missions Strategy Room: 219

The Role of Campus Pastor Room: 212

Understanding Church Security in a Changing World Room: 220

Summer Camp Turned Missions Camp Room: 116 (inside Student Ministry)

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