Christ Fellowship Conference - Breakouts

Giving Beyond the Tithe

Capital campaigns? Special offerings? Designated funds for giving? How many choices are too many? Discuss options for inspiring additional giving opportunities throughout the year without wearing yourself and the church family out.

Cultivating Large Capacity Donors

God ordained a special relationship between senior pastors and donors. He gives the church’s vision to the senior pastor who then inspires the donors who set the pace of implementation. Hear strategies for building authentic, lasting relationships to release funds to transform neighborhoods and nations.

Church Family Personal Stewardship

Are your church members moved to tithe but their finances are a mess? Should the church help? Hear how Christ Fellowship stepped out to assist families as they tackled finances God’s way and marriages were restored, parents and children were reconciled.

Building a Stewardship Culture

Too often “stewardship” in churches refers to fundraising. Growing a vibrant culture of stewardship & generosity is a challenging yet essential part of a healthy church. Don’t miss the adventure that comes in growing and releasing passionate givers behind Kingdom causes. In this breakout, we will share our story and provide foundational learnings and suggestions to grow a vibrant culture from the inside out.

General Admission

One Person: $140
Groups of 4 or more: $99 each