Christ Fellowship Conference - Breakouts

Summer Camp turned Missions Camp

It’s a new kind of summer camp. In this breakout, we’ll discuss how over the last 10 years we’ve built a summer missions camp experience for over a 1,000 students in the city of Belle Glade. We’ll share stories of success as well the challenges we’ve encountered.

Raising the Next Generation of Gospel Ministers

We all know ministry is not a sprint, but the reality is that it is not a marathon either. It is a relay race. In this breakout we will talk about how to pass the baton and how to create a system to train the next generation of leaders.

Creating Student Ministry Culture

Every student ministry has a culture whether by design or by default. In this breakout we will explore some practical ways to build a culture within your student ministry.

Making Sundays a win for Student Ministries

Helping students get connected to the overall church through serving.

ABC’s of Multi-Site Student Ministries

Whether your ministry is just launching into multi-site or you’ve been in the game for a long time. This breakout will give you the basic framework you will need to build for the future. Learn from the successes and shortcomings of several student pastors.

Collaborative Sermon Writing

All of us are better than one of us. In this breakout we will talk about utilizing the power of collaboration for content creation and communication in student ministries.

General Admission

One Person: $140
Groups of 4 or more: $99 each