We're so excited to offer an exclusive experience tailored specifically for senior pastors. We want to be able to take time and discuss the issues that are specific to you as a senior pastor. We'll have four exclusive sessions just for you.

Building a Stewardship Culture
Wednesday 12:30pm
Room: Groot
Todd Mullins 
Growing a vibrant culture of stewardship & generosity is a challenging yet essential part of a healthy church. In this breakout, we will share our journey of setting our people free to live generous lives and help move the church forward towards her mission, providing foundational learning and suggestions that can help your church this year!
Coach YES – Boss NO
Wednesday 2:00pm
Room: Groot
Tom Mullins
"Nobody wants a boss – everyone wants a coach.”  A coach helps you go farther and reach higher than you could ever do on your own. Coach Mullins will share leadership fundamentals that will call out the best in those you lead. Learn how to inspire your teams; identify the champions, and call the plays that will produce success.
Building a Healthy TEAM Culture
Thursday 12:30pm
Room: Groot
 Todd & Julie Mullins
Every church has a culture - either by design or default. Building a healthy church culture is an “inside out “ job and begins with investing in key leaders that will become culture carriers and crafting experiences that will build and reinforce the vision and values of your church
Building Unity in the Body of Christ
Thursday 2:00pm
Room: Groot
 Todd Mullins & Church United Panel
As Pastors we have a spiritual responsibility to our communities to share the love and message of Jesus to our region. But, no matter how dynamic our church may be, we can’t do this alone. Imagine what could happen if pastors and leaders rallied together to “Be the Church,” working together build strategies to meet the physical and spiritual needs in our cities. Could revival possibly begin outside the four walls of our churches? We believe it can.
This package also includes:

- Priority seating for you and your spouse
- Senior Pastor's Green Room
- Exclusive rental car rates through Hertz
- Discounted rates on Local Attractions through Visit Palm Beach